CFSL Mount Rushmores: Defensive Line

Ryan Moreland · January 9, 2024


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

The Mount Rushmores head to the defensive side of the football. Unfortunately, we will not be separating defensive end from defensive tackle. Far too many players played both positions over the years and it would be impossible to separate them. So this list will have the four best defensive linemen regardless if they played inside or on the edge. Once again, I would like to thank the Content Team for their help. Let’s dive in.

Issac Frost

There was only one player to be a unanimous selection for the DL Mount Rushmore and that is Issac Frost. Frost was one of the first monster defensive lines that have come to define what meaning call the ‘steriod era’. The Oregon and Florida State legend had one of the most decorated careers in CFSL history and he earned it.

Frost is a three-time All-American, two-time Defensive Player of the Year, and a two-time National Champion. He also won the Most Outstanding Senior Award in Season 14. He is the CFSL’s all-time leader in TFLs and he has 17 more than anyone else. He is tied for the second-most sacks all-time. He averaged two sacks a game for his career.

Any list of great defensive linemen that didn’t include Frost would be incomplete. Offenses could do nothing to slow him down and quarterbacks across the league hated playing against him. He was simply one of the best and he for sure earned his spot on this list.

Iman Porter

Wisconsin DT Iman Porter posed after another sack.

When the name Isaac Frost is mentioned the name Iman Porter is sure to follow. The two spent their careers trying to outperform one another. In doing so they both landed themselves in the history books. Porter spent his four seasons at Wisconsin chasing down quarterbacks and mauling runners. He did more than enough to make our list.

This three-time All-American averaged 2.3 sacks per game over the course of his career. That is the most in CFSL history. He is tied with Frost for the second-most sacks in a career and is fourth in career TFLs. He also had 17 forced fumbles, which is by far the most in a career (second-most is 11).

Porter is one of the best players in CFSL history, not just defensive linemen. He had a stellar career that won’t soon be forgotten. Because of that, he was only one vote away from being a unanimous selection to this list. Congrats to a legend.

Laci White

Miami DE Laci White got to Claydon off the edge for the sack.

While the league has had several amazing women make names for themselves, White is the first to be named to a CFSL Mount Rushmore list. White was an absolute game-wrecker who excelled at both end and tackle. The Florida State, Michigan, and Miami great was a no-brainer choice for this list.

White was a three-time All-American. She also won the Season 18 Defensive Player of the Year Award. She stands second in all-time TFLs and tied for third in career-forced fumbles. However, her most impressive accomplishment is being the CFSL’s all-time leader in sacks. She has six more than Porter and Frost.

White was a nightmare to play against (take it from me; I played against her quite a few times). She dominated the line of scrimmage and made anyone behind it pay. She undoubtedly belongs on this list. Congrats Laci.

Ezra Rogalski

Oklahoma State DE Ezra Rogalski got to Ware to bring him down for the sack.

Rogalski might not have enjoyed as many awards as the other names on this list, but he enjoyed plenty of success. The Oklahoma State legend was a key part of the first and only team to make three consecutive National Championship appearances. There was no way he would be overlooked this time.

Rogalski was a two-time All-American and two-time National Champion. He finished his career with the fourth most sacks and third most tackles for loss. He is one of two players to ever have 30 sacks in a single season (Frost is the other).

Rogalski was a phenom for the Cowboys. His ability to break up plays before they began was astounding. And thanks to that talent, among others, he has earned himself a spot on the DL Mount Rushmore. Congrats Roggie.


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