From the Desk of the Editor: Season 19, Week 1

Ryan Moreland · January 12, 2024


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

The opening week of Season 19 is in the books and we have a lot to talk about. For that reason, let’s forgo the long intro and dive right in.

Out With the Old and In With the New

One of the largest talking points this offseason was how many new (or returning) teams there are joining the CFSL in Season 19. There are nine teams in the CFSL this season that weren’t in the league last season.

Now, if you have been around the league, you know that most teams struggle out of the gates before they find success. This isn’t always the case (like Kentucky and Oklahoma State), but for the most part, this has been true.

However, Season 19 seems to have other plans. There were three games this week that matched an existing team (one that was around in Season 18) and a new team (one that wasn’t). The new teams went 3-0 in these games.

This started with the first game of the season. Penn State came into the game as the underdog against Oklahoma State, but that didn’t matter to the Nittany Lions. Penn State dominated all three phases of the game and would go on to win 63-20.

Last Friday we saw the next old vs new game. Once again the old team was favored, but the new team came out on top. Boise State traveled to the newly formed Cincinnati and the Bearcats came out on top. This was a great back-and-forth game (with a wild fourth quarter), but Cincinnati outlasted the Broncos 42-35.

Cincinnati WR Kendrick Singleton tapped his toes in the back of the endzone for the touchdown grab.

The last was one of the most highly anticipated games of the week. LSU hosted Kentucky on Tuesday night for a game that lived up to the hype. This was a pick-em game in the sportsbook, so LSU wasn’t a true underdog like the others, but they were victorious. LSU won this one 45-31.

LSU FS Cash Thomas read the deep pass in the endzone to make the pick.

It is still very early in the season and we will see a lot more of these matchups this season. This could change drastically as soon as next week. However, it was a great start for the new teams and something to keep an eye on.

Conference Supremacy

The addition of so many new teams this season made conference realignment a must. With the return of the Big XII and ACC conferences, the CFSL is back to a four-conference league. So, which conference will separate themselves from the others as the premiere group? So far, one has.

Before we start this, I understand that we have only played one week. This is likely to change. With that said, the ACC separated themselves this week. Here are the conferences ranked by record:

Big XII3-4

This will be something I will be sure to follow this season. For right now, go ahead and brag ACC. You’ve earned it.

The Most Important Week So Far

We all know that all eight weeks of the regular season count just the same. However, this next week will be important. Of the 14 games in Week Two, nine of them will be games between teams that are both 1-0 or both 0-1. Five of these teams will be going into Week Three 0-2 and looking for answers. Four of them will be undefeated heading into Week Three.

Even crazier, the SEC will have only one undefeated team after this week. The two SEC teams that won their games in Week One (LSU and Florida) will play each other this week. Someone has to lose, so there will only be one remaining unbeaten in the Southeastern Conference.

Good luck to everyone this week!

Who Impressed Me This Week

Rocco Rambo, North Carolina HB (and possibly the new starting QB)

Rambo was thrown into the starting QB role this week and he performed well. Not only did he throw three TDs and get his team the win, but he also did his work on the ground. Rambo is the CFSL’s leading rusher after the first week. He might not be ready to give up the QB spot to Kevin Price this week.

Rocko Britt, Alabama WR

The former free safety played his first career game as a WR and boy did he perform. Britt had 11 catches for 271 yards and four touchdowns. Britt is first in the CFSL in receiving yards and tied for first in receiving TDs. Good luck to the defenders who have to cover this man for the rest of the season.

Theodore Hitchcock, Tennessee DE

Teddy had four sacks last season at Bowling Green. He already has three sacks with Tennessee. Hitchcock announced his presence this week with an outstanding game. Along with the sacks, he also had a forced fumble and a pass breakup. If he keeps this level of play up he will be a household name in no time.

Adrian Sampson, Washington CB

Sampson is another MAC guy who is hitting new heights in the Power Four. Sampson tied his career interception total in his first game in Washington. His pair of interceptions (one of which was a pick-six) were just part of his outstanding performance. He also added three pass deflections and three tackles. Sampson Island is a lonely place.

Mustafa Colakovic, Texas SS

Colakovic was everywhere in this game. He had 17 tackles (most in the CFSL) and five TFLs (tied for the most) against Alabama. It seemed like every play ended on a tackle by Colakovic. There is no doubt in my mind that Texas loses this game without him on the field. Players like this make me happy I am on defense now.

Penn State, The Whole Damn Team

It was too hard to pick out just one person from this game to celebrate. Everyone did their job perfectly and a great team win was the result. The players, coaches, and even the waterboy deserve credit this week. Great win Nittany Lions.

The Adieu Haiku

Newer is better,
The old heads should fear the kids.
New sheriff in town.


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