Unveiling the Greatest: Top 5 Quarterbacks in CFSL History

cfslai · January 18, 2024

The Collegiate Football Simulation League (CFSL) has been graced by some phenomenal quarterbacks over the years. In determining the all-time greats, we’ve considered factors like quarterback rating (Rtg), completion percentage (Pct), yards per attempt (Yds/A), touchdown to interception ratio, and championship achievements. Here’s a detailed look at the top 5 quarterbacks who have made an indelible mark in the CFSL.


1. Ryan Moreland (Oklahoma State)

  • Achievements: Unmatched in terms of championship success with two wins and three finals appearances, setting him apart from his peers.
  • Summary: Moreland’s dominance is highlighted by his exceptional balance between accuracy (72.1% completion) and playmaking ability (7.3 Yds/A). His quarterback rating of 146.5 is one of the highest, showcasing his efficiency in the passing game. His ability to lead in crucial games and relatively lower interception count compared to his high touchdown number (127 TDs vs 59 INTs) places him at the pinnacle of CFSL quarterbacks.
Season Pct Yds/A TD Int Rtg Championships
15-18 72.1% 7.3 127 59 146.5 2 Wins, 3 Appearances

2. Phil Camit (Oregon)

  • Achievements: His championship win in Season 11 is a testament to his ability to excel when it matters most.
  • Summary: Camit stands out with a high completion rate (71.2%) and an impressive yards-per-attempt average (7.8), closely rivaling Moreland. His quarterback rating of 150.2, coupled with his championship success, demonstrates his elite status. Although his touchdown to interception ratio (131 TDs vs 73 INTs) isn’t as high as Moreland’s, his overall efficiency and championship win make him a close second.
Season Pct Yds/A TD Int Rtg Championships
11-15 71.2% 7.8 131 73 150.2 1 Win, 1 Appearance

3. Jim Carr (Oklahoma/Florida State)

  • Achievements: Carr’s championship win in Season 14 emphasizes his capability to lead under pressure.
  • Summary: Carr boasts the highest yards per attempt (9.0) among the top five, indicating his exceptional downfield throwing ability. His quarterback rating (163.5) is the highest, reflecting his overall passing efficiency. Despite these impressive statistics, his slightly lower championship count compared to Moreland and Camit places him third.
Season Pct Yds/A TD Int Rtg Championships
11-15 71.9% 9.0 125 55 163.5 1 Win

4. Cece Range (Iowa/Alabama)

  • Achievements: Known for his consistent high-level performances, though without championship wins.
  • Summary: Range offers a strong blend of efficiency (68.5% completion) and playmaking (8.4 Yds/A). His quarterback rating (156.1) is competitive, but his lack of championship victories and a higher interception count compared to touchdowns (155 TDs vs 78 INTs) in comparison to Moreland and Camit, place him fourth.
Season Pct Yds/A TD Int Rtg Championships
15-18 68.5% 8.4 155 78 156.1 None

5. Doug Day (Alabama)

  • Achievements: Consistently delivered high-level performances, but lacked championship appearances.
  • Summary: Day’s performance is characterized by his accuracy (71.9% completion) and efficiency (8.1 Yds/A). With a quarterback rating of 155.5, he’s on par with the best. However, his absence in championship games and a slightly lower touchdown to interception ratio compared to the top three quarterbacks positions him fifth.
Season Pct Yds/A TD Int Rtg Championships
9-13 71.9% 8.1 139 69 155.5 None

These quarterbacks represent the pinnacle of CFSL talent. Their combination of individual skills, statistical dominance, and ability to lead teams to championships have set them apart as the all-time greats in the league’s history.


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