CFSL History: From Origins to Legacy

kadepadgett · February 22, 2024


By: Kade Padgett (@kadepadgett)

Sitting here towards the end of Season 19 of the CFSL, it is easy to get caught up in things like the Sportsbook, the survivor challenge (I lost in week 1), and this week’s schedule. It is easy for us to lock into this week’s games, how it will affect playoff seeding, and how we are one week closer to crowning the next CFSL champion. But right now, I want to look back at where we started, and how far we have come in now almost 19 seasons. 

Season 1 started with 8 teams and 96 players. That is quite different from the over 800 players on 28 different teams that we have now. With a recent expansion after Season 18, growth is something that should not be immediate. However, another expansion in the next few seasons is possible.

When asked about the growth of the league from Season 1, “El Presidente” (or Mike Peters as he is more commonly known) had this to say, “I think I imagined 20 teams at one point, but I don’t know if I ever imagined it being what it is today.”

Mike also does not get too caught up in the past and always wants to be moving forward. “I honestly do not spend a lot of time reflecting. I think if you pat yourself on the back, you can become complacent and lose your drive. I just keep looking forward,” he said.

What else could be on the horizon for the CFSL? As of February 15th, EA Sports College Football officially released a teaser trailer for the new College Football video game. The official trailer for the game is slated to be released in May, with the game being released this coming summer.

What does this mean for the CFSL? I asked Mike what he thought of the new game, and if the CFSL would switch. “It is highly unlikely. We have invested a lot into revamped and this website, and it is all tied to NCAA 14.” While some may be disappointed in that, Mike and his team know what they are doing. 

With all the changes, I cannot think of someone more suited to lead the CFSL. When asked about how we continue to grow, Mike seemed confident in the CFSL, “How can we get better? What can I improve on? What are we missing? That keeps me and us moving forward,” As someone who joined the CFSL very recently (Season 15 was my first season), I am extremely excited to see what the future holds.  

The CFSL has introduced me to some amazing people, and an amazing community. I want to help grow that community and help the CFSL reach its full potential. Mike is pleased and proud of how far the CFSL has grown and what it has become, but there is a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror. We must keep looking forward. We have to keep our eyes ahead. Remember where we have come from, appreciate the roots we have set, and continue to grow for the future. The CFSL is in great hands.  


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