Saying Goodbye to Our Seniors

kadepadgett · March 4, 2024


By: Kade Padgett (@kadepadgett)

Season 19 of the CFSL has come and gone, and now we are into the postseason. There have been a lot of massive games, big moments, and things that we will always remember. But with the end of a season, comes the end of a class of athletes. For the last four seasons, these players have played their hearts out until the final whistle every game. Today we are going to look back on some of the most memorable athletes who graduate at the end of Season 19 and what they have to say about their time in the CFSL. 

Sam Dobbins (@Dobbins) is the senior quarterback for the Miami Hurricanes. He has been on a different team each of his four seasons in the CFSL. Starting at Michigan in Season 16, Boise State in Season 17, Toledo in Season 18, and Miami in Season 19. Dobbins currently leads the CFSL in passer rating at 190.6 and has over 3200 passing yards, 29 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions.

When asked what he is going to miss the most in the CFSL, he said, “Playing QB is probably the pinnacle of this league. I’m not sure another position can measure up to the excitement and fun I have had for the past four seasons,”. Dobbins has been one of the most consistent, top-end quarterbacks in the CFSL since he entered the league. Not having Dobbins under center next season is going to be different.  

Ken Dixon III (@BigxKen) is a senior Wide Receiver for the LSU Tigers. Dixon is fourth in CFSL history in receptions and leads the CFSL in yards (1168) and yards per game (146.0). Dixon spent the first three seasons of his CFSL career with Kentucky, having over 1000 yards in each season, and winning two national championships.

Now in his senior season, Dixon understands the responsibility that upperclassmen carry. “It’s a different level of leadership and respect that I get in the locker room.” The CFSL brings together people from all walks of life, and sometimes makes lifelong friends. Dixon, and his best friend Jameson Weinrich, came into the CFSL together, and have been together the whole time. When asked what he would miss the most, Dixon did not hesitate, “My boy Weinrich. We came into this thing together. Spent all four seasons with one another. Easily the most underrated and overlooked CFSL linebacker of all time. I am gonna miss playing with him.” 

Daemon Ike, or as I know him, Aaron Eichenberg, is a senior Cornerback for the Michigan Wolverines. He has been the Athletic director for the University of Michigan for four seasons, leading the Wolverines to their only national title appearance in Season 17. Ike holds the Michigan records for passes defended (31), interceptions (15), kick return yards (3280) and punt return yards (1328). Ike is also my current AD, so I figured there was no one better to ask than him.

When asked what someone new in the CFSL should know before they join, Ike stated, “Just come in with an open mind and enjoy yourself. It is a great community where you can find lifelong friends.” Ike, along with a bunch of other current Wolverine players, are going to be friends of mine for a long time, and maybe I’ll have the privilege of playing with them again down the road.  

I also asked each senior to add one more thing to this article. A last word to leave their teams, friends, and the CFSL.

Ken Dixon left us with this, “I wanna shoutout 14Davis and my UK fam. Without them, I would not be the WR I turned out to be.”

Dobbins was more lighthearted and joked about one of his friends, “I mean I could make a funny about Ware, but I’ll pass this time.”

Ike left us with what I believe to be the most important piece of advice for anyone in the CFSL, “Just enjoy the ride.”

Whether you win multiple championships like Ken Dixon, or you are on a different team every season like Dobbins, there is always something to learn, some fun to be had, and friends to be made. And when it is all said and done, take the advice of Daemon Ike: Just enjoy the ride.


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