Conference Coaches’ Poll: Big XII

Ryan Moreland · April 23, 2024


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

Season 20 is fast approaching and it is time to take a look at the conference previews. However, this time with a new spin. This season the conference previews will be structured just like the coaches’ poll in college football.

Each AD was asked to list his top four teams in their conference without listing themselves. Then all the results were totaled to make the list below. Here are the teams the ADs think will be contenders!

RankTeamFirst-Place Votes
Vote-inTexas A&M0

There was no vote that was nearly as close as this one. A single point separated first and second place. To add to that, a single point separated second and third place. Cincinnati finished in second last season behind Texas, but the voters see them switching spots in Season 20.

Colorado finished last in the Big XII after an 0-8 season. However, the Buffs are seen as a team to watch by the ADs this season. A lot can change in a single season and Colorado had just as many first-place votes as any other team. If the ADs in this conference are correct, this could be the tightest conference race of Season 20.

While the top three were separated by a razor-thin margin, fourth place was a run-away. The newly formed Texas A&M is seen as the clear favorite for a vote-in spot in the conference. Last season this conference had no vote-in teams, but that could change now. Not only do the Aggies look good on paper, but the conference as a whole is much better than it was last season. That could sway voters.

Last season only one team in the conference finished above .500. That should change drastically this season. Good luck to all the teams in the Big XII.


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