Conference Coaches’ Poll: SEC

Ryan Moreland · April 23, 2024


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

Season 20 is fast approaching and it is time to take a look at the conference previews. However, this time with a new spin. This season the conference previews will be structured just like the coaches’ poll in college football.

Each AD was asked to list his top four teams in their conference without listing themselves. Then all the results were totaled to make the list below. Here are the teams the ADs think will be contenders!

RankTeamFirst-Place Votes

Kentucky won the conference (and the National Championship) last season and the ADs expect them to do it again. The Wildcats received the most points of any team in the league.

If Kentucky wants to win the SEC again they will need to overcome a newcomer to the contender ranks. The new-look Auburn Tigers were the highest-scoring second-place team in the CFSL. This shows the confidence that the ADs have in Beard and his Tigers.

The race for third was neck-and-neck. Georgia edged out the Crimson Tide by a single point.

Last season, this was the conference with the tightest (and wildest) run to the playoffs. It could be set for another wild season and as the ADs see it, it will be. Best of luck to these SEC squads.


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