The CFSL MacGuffin: Revisited

Ryan Moreland · May 15, 2024


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

The CFSL MacGuffin Award was first brought to the league’s attention by Jathan in Season 18. For those unfamiliar, the MacGuffin is an idea that started in real-life college football. The idea is that the first team to win in CFSL history gets the MacGuffin Trophy. The only way for them to lose it is to be beaten. The team that beats the holder of the MacGuffin then takes the title.

At the end of Season 18 Kentucky held the CFSL’s MacGuffin and kept it through their championship run. In this article, we will track the MacGuffin’s journey through the league and update you on who holds it now.

Season 19


As stated before, Kentucky finished Season 18 with the MacGuffin Award. It didn’t take them long to lose the title in Season 19. The Wildcats lost to the reintroduced LSU Tigers, 45-31. Thus, the Tigers stole the MacGuffin Award.


LSU FS Cash Thomas read the deep pass in the endzone to make the pick.

The Tigers themselves would not hold the MacGuffin for very long either. Week 2 of Season 19 saw the Tigers travel to Gainsville to take on the Florida Gators. In what was a brilliant upset, Florida beat LSU 55-52. The MacGuffin now belonged to Florida.


The theme of only holding on to the MacGuffin for a single week before losing it to an SEC foe continued. Alabama hosted Florida and the MacGuffin in Week 3 of the season and the MacGuffin stayed in Tuscaloosa when the Gators left. Alabama won that game 27-24.


Alabama WR Rocko Britt escaped the tackle at the goal line for the long touchdown.

If you thought this trend would end here, you are wrong. In the fourth week of the season Alabama traveled to Kentucky. In what was another close game, Kentucky beat Alabama 42-39 and stole the MacGuffin back.


The trend came to a close when Kentucky got back the MacGuffin Trophy. Kentucky would win their next eight games in a row, including their third National Championship in four seasons. Since Kentucky held onto the trophy at the end of the regular season, they closed out Season 19 as repeat MacGuffin Champions.

Season 20

The Wildcats started the season with the MacGuffin once again. They beat Miami in an overtime game last week to hold onto the trophy. The CFSL’s top-ranked team faces Illinois tonight. Can Illinois pull off the upset and take the MacGuffin out of the SEC for the first time since Week Four of Season 18? We will find out and we will be back at the end of the season to crown a team the Season 20 MacGuffin Champions.

If you are interested in who won MacGuffin Championships in the past, click here to see the list.


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