Best Freshmen Performances From Week 2

justinjeffersongriddy · May 17, 2024


By: Andrew Anderson (@SaiyanSagaGamer)

Week 1’s freshmen article had some big names and some underdogs who had decided to shine bright last week. This week however we had a record-breaking performance by one of our freshmen. Did the other freshmen stay consistent or will we have new names to look out for this week?

Top Offensive Freshmen Performances

Sterling Verdugo, QB, Tennessee

Tennessee’s struggle to continue as they have dropped both games in the early weeks of Season 20 but, Sterling Verdugo looks to be gaining an understanding of how to play football at a higher level of competition. Although Tennessee lost to Florida this week, Sterling Verdugo did all that he could do with 50-80 for 528 yards, 3 TDs, and 5 Interceptions.

Ryan Ralosky, HB, Oregon

Ryan Ralosky showed in Week 2 that he could be one of the best freshmen HBs in the league. Oregon’s lead back ran all over the Michigan State defense, rushing for a CFSL record 259 yards on 25 carries while adding 3 touchdowns in the process. Oregon ended up beating Michigan State for their first win in the season 43-28.

Eden Ballard, WR, Ohio St

Eden Ballard helped the Ohio State offense to a very close overtime win over Cincinnati, 49-42. Eden Ballard hauled in eight receptions for 153 yards but is still looking for his first touchdown on the season. Ballard’s amazing performance in Week 2 gave him the last offensive performance of the week.

Top Defensive Freshman Performances

Jason Quinn, MLB, Texas A&M

Jason Quinn looked to continue his dominant performance from Week 1 into Week 2. Quinn’s dominant skills were shown off in Week 2 against a powerhouse offense at Florida State. The freshman MLB ended with 11 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, and 1 pass deflection.

King Demoura, OLB, Kentucky

King Demoura makes his debut on the top defensive performances out of all freshmen in Week 2. Demoura let his presence be known on this Kentucky defensive unit, getting 11 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and a fumble recovery that he took back 98 yards for a touchdown. Kentucky ended up getting a commanding 56-28 win over Illinois.

Brad Davis, OLB, Miami

Brad Davis also makes his debut on this list. It was obvious that Brad Davis would be a name to look for going deeper into the season after his performance. Davis had 10 tackles for the Hurricanes defense, but Miami fell short this week, losing 48-41 to Clemson.

We ended up having some great games this week with new names and faces on the top performers of the week. Will we end up with some of the same names at the end of next week, or will we get new names on the list?


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