JTR QB Rankings: Season 20, Week 5

Ryan Moreland · June 7, 2024


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

How JTR Works

JTR ranks players by comparison to the league average using unbiased stats. By unbiased stats, we mean stats that don’t show a preference for one style of play over another. For example, we expect a quarterback in an air raid system to throw the ball more often than a quarterback in a multiple set. So comparing the two based on completions wouldn’t be fair. Once we determine stats that we believe to be unbiased, we create a league average. Outperforming the league average earns a player positive points. Stats that fall below the league average will earn a player negative points. Points for each stat are calculated and combined with a base rating given to each player. The combination results in a player’s JTR metric score. 0 is the worst possible score and 100 is the best possible score.

For QBs, the stats we chose to use are completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage, interception percentage, passing yards per game, and unique rushing index. The rushing index excludes sacks from a quarterback’s rush totals to get a more accurate sense of them as a runner. Also, QBs cannot take negative points from the rushing index (outside of fumbles). This is because a running ability for a quarterback is a plus, but not a requirement.

JTR is not a predictive metric. It cannot tell the future. It can only measure what a player has done up to that point.

JTR Leaderboard

Rank (Last Week)PlayerTeamJTR Score (Change)
1 (1)TJ CunningtonKentucky93.534 (+1.118)
2 (3)Gunner RiceWest Virginia86.708 (-3.338)
3 (6)Luke CannonClemson85.615 (+1.195)
4 (5)Saint MajorCincinnati84.455 (-1.169)
5 (2)Kevin PriceNorth Carolina83.934 (-7.195)
6 (4)Leisa PinkMiami79.630 (-6.107)
7 (11)Andrei BelovNotre Dame79.604 (+3.596)
8 (9)Greg CookseyMichigan77.569 (+0.066)
9 (7)Sky SandersColorado77.266 (-4.611)
10 (12)Brandon PettyGeorgia76.598 (+0.777)
11 (8)Jamesyn GoldeUSC76.324 (-1.332)
12 (13)Johnny Ray DavisAlabama75.692 (+0.710)
13 (16)Jay DukeAuburn75.010 (+2.999)
14 (10)Beau DaleLSU73.941 (-2.624)
15 (19)JK MatthewsSyracuse73.191 (+3.867)
16 (17)Sterling VerdugoTennessee72.096 (+1.816)
17 (14)Kolten PowellTexas74.602 (-2.792)
18 (15)Sean KeohanePenn State71.102 (-0.915)
19 (21)Zeus ClaydonFlorida State70.102 (+6.411)
20 (18)Windham CarterBaylor67.389 (-2.005)
21 (24)Claude DuBoisOregon67.119 (+5.931)
22 (22)Jack SchmidtFlorida65.862 (+2.005)
23 (20)Cole MantellMichigan State61.517 (-3.745)
24 (23)Jaylen TyreeOhio State61.346 (-1.932)
25 (25)Noir RoyalIllinois58.289 (-2.388)
26 (26)Owen DartTexas A&M53.422 (-1.199)


Kentucky’s gunslinger TJ Cunnington holds on to the #1 ranking on this list for the fourth straight week. This sets a new record for the most consecutive weeks a QB has held the top spot since the JTR was created (Season 16).

The featured image this week belongs to Florida State’s Zeus Claydon. This is because Claydon improved his score more than anyone else this week. He shot up by nearly six and a half points thanks to his brilliant performance against Clemson. He threw for 460 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions. Other big score improvers include Oregon’s Claude DuBois, Syracuse’s JK Matthews, and Notre Dame’s Andrei Belov.

There was a tie this week for the best improvement of rank. Notre Dame’s Andrei Belov and Syracuse’s JK Matthews jumped up four spots this week. For Belov, this put him into the top ten for the first time since Week 1 of last season. This week, other big improvers in their rank are Auburn’s Jay Duke, Florida State’s Zeus Claydon, and Oregon’s Claude DuBois, who all moved up three spots.

There is still plenty of time for QBs to jump up the leaderboard, but the closer we get to the end of the season, the more impressive the single-game performance will need to be to improve your score. Good luck to all 26 signal callers in Week 6.


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