The MacGuffin Trophy: Season 18

By: Jathan Gentry (@Jathan)

Another regular season has come and gone in the CFSL. New stars were born, and legends were cemented in CFSL history. And while a National Champion has yet to be crowned, one champion has already been named in Season 18: The MacGuffin Champion.

If you aren’t familiar with the MacGuffin Trophy, take a look back at this article, where we explain the trophy and its journey through CFSL history. This is an idea created by @CFBudge on TikTok that we have adapted for the league, although it isn’t official. To break it down quickly, the CFSL MacGuffin Trophy is like a wrestling title belt. The only way to get it is to beat the team who already has it. If you finish the regular season with the trophy, you are crowned that season’s MacGuffin Champion and you start the next season with the trophy. There were eight games where the CFSL MacGuffin trophy was on the line this season. Let’s follow the path of this coveted trophy, and see who finished as the Season 18 MacGuffin Champion!

Week One: Oklahoma State vs. Miami

Miami DE George Yost wrapping Moreland up for the sack.

Oklahoma State was the Season 17 MacGuffin Champion, which means they were defending the title in Week One. Their opponent was the Miami Hurricanes, coming off of a seven-win season in which they never played for the MacGuffin. What followed was a shootout: starting QBs Moreland and Walker Combined for nine touchdowns. Although the Pokes fought valiantly, the Hurricanes made it clear they planned to hold tight to the MacGuffin Trophy with a 59-34 win.

Result: Miami steals the MacGuffin

Week Two: Miami vs. Georgia

The Georgia Bulldogs are no stranger to the MacGuffin. The Bulldogs were the Season 16 MacGuffin Champions in just their second season in the CFSL. Miami would have to fight valiantly to retain their trophy, and they would do just that. With a three-touchdown performance from Mateo Walker and a three-sack outing from game-breaker Laci White, the Hurricanes would drop back to back 50-burgers, winning 51-28.

Result: Miami retains the MacGuffin (2-week streak)

Week Three: Miami vs. Boise State

Miami SS DJ Sutton laid a huge hit to force the ball out for a fumble.

Here is a fun MacGuffin fact: Up to this point in their long league history, the Boise State Broncos have only held the CFSL MacGuffin for just two short weeks, which were back in Season 17. But the Broncos had a chance here in Week Three to put a halt to Miami’s great early season run. Boise played a great game, with their defense posting four sacks, and their offense racking up over 400 yards. But in the end, it was the Miami defense that would make the difference. Two interceptions and four sacks later, Miami would barely escape with a 33-31 win, extending their MacGuffin streak.

Result: Miami retains the MacGuffin (3-week streak)

Week Four: Miami vs. Florida

The next challenger in line to challenge the Hurricane’s throne was the Florida Gators. Coming off a tough loss the following week, the Gators were motivated to face undefeated Miami and to try and win their first-ever MacGuffin Championship. The Gators played focused on both sides of the football, but the Hurricane’s talent continued to show. In yet another offensive shootout the Hurricanes would find victory in a complete game, winning 43-33 over their in-state foe.

Result: Miami retains the MacGuffin (4-week streak)

Week Five: Miami vs. Kentucky

Kentucky SS Tay Langston broke on the pass to go up for the interception.

Based on the results through the beginning of the season, Miami was favored over the Wildcats, who had played a very up-and-down first half of their season. The undefeated Miami looked invincible, but the Wildcats proved to be up to the challenge. Led by quarterback Charlie Sammons, Kentucky wouldn’t just win, they would dominate. Miami stood no chance, as their defense allowed over 500 yards of offense, while unable to reach 300 themselves. The Wildcats shocked the league in this one and now held the MacGuffin trophy for the first time.

Results: Kentucky steals the MacGuffin

Week Six: Kentucky vs. Pittsburgh

Kentucky showed up ready for their first-ever MacGuffin defense game. In this game against the Pitt Panthers, we would see one of the most flawless games in recent MacGuffin history. Quarterback Charlie Sammons would post four total touchdowns, 406 yards passing, and only eight incompletions on 59 attempts. The result was a Kentucky win, 41-27.

Result: Kentucky retains the MacGuffin (1 week streak)

Week Seven: Kentucky vs. Georgia

Kentucky WR BrySon Homan looked in the quick short pass to make the catch for six.

After losing to Miami with the MacGuffin on the line in Week Two, Georgia would get a rare second chance in the season to try and steal the trophy, this time against a different team. Georgia started hot out of the gate, leaning on their rushing game and taking an early lead. It wouldn’t take long, however, for the Wildcats to find their stride. A slow start would quickly turn into fireworks for the Wildcats on the back of their star QB. The dawgs would put up two close fights this season, but would ultimately fall short on both attempts. Final Score 42-30.

Result: Kentucky retains the MacGuffin (2-week streak)

Week 8: Kentucky vs. North Carolina

In the final week of Season 18, it was down to two teams. Neither UNC nor UK had ever finished the season with the trophy. But it all came down to one final game. Would UNC steal the trophy, or would UK ride into the playoffs with the MacGuffin trophy secured? The first half was all wildcats, with Sammons firing on all cylinders and the UK defense looking impenetrable. North Carolina showed moments of fight, but in the end, it would be far from enough. Kentucky looked dominant once again in a 41-10 victory. For the first time in program history, they would carry the MacGuffin into the offseason.

Result: Kentucky Season 18 MacGuffin Champions (3-week streak)

Another wild season of MacGuffin action is behind us. Congratulations to Syrok and the Season 18 MacGuffin Champion Kentucky Wildcats. Can UK follow up their MacGuffin Trophy with a National Championship? Who will hoist the MacGuffin trophy next season? Stay locked into the CFSL, and let us know your thoughts in League Chat.


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