Cedric Yardy

Steamrolling his way out of Beaumont Texas, Cedric Yardy is a youngman who was born to carry the pigskin at the highest level of his profession; an oldschool, hardbodied runner with enough flash and finesse and make a defender think twice. From his early pop warner days to his final HS football game Cedric Yardy has been making waves on the gridiron, As a freshman Cedric Yardy showed lots of promise and potential; racking up 764yrds off 113carriez with 7TDs all while he was only 5’5″ inches off the ground and weighed a mere 164lbs.

But in the following sophomore year Cedric would back and make his presence felt with an assertive 1,627yrds rushing off 147carries and 21TDs. In his junior year Cedric Yardy would make a name for himself as a local talent & elite prospect by bullying his way through the 6A competition for 2,432yrds and 38TDs off 173carries. With his performance Cederic would receive national honors and break a number of school records, and now just when the horse stopped kicking Yardy must’ve decided to pick up a stick and get to work because in his senior season Cedric mangled the defensive opposition with 3,336yrds & 42TDs all off 212 carries at 5’9″ and 208lbs of chiseled ebony steel.

Now, apart from all the hype this a youngman who is more than verbal about his passion for the game of football, a true student of the sport with a superior work ethic that’s bound to see him grow and establish himself well at the collegiate lvl, no doubt he’s a superb addition to any roster..and when asked about his collegiate aspirations Mr.Yardy had to say this-

” I wanna go to a school and get myself into a program where it’s like.. everybody ona same page; ya know we all at it, from the coaches to the kickers everybody want it “


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