JTR Quarterback Ratings: Season 16, Week 4

Ryan Moreland · January 27, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

The JTR Quarterback Ratings are back and there has been plenty of movement over the last week. This is thanks, in part, to some outstanding performances. Also, for the first time the MAC QBs are being ranked! Here are the results.

For an explanation of how the rankings work check out the first article here.

JTR QB Rankings

Rank (Last Week)PlayerTeamJTR Score (Change)
1 (12)Moses KingKentucky96.914 (+18.545)
2 (1)Ryan MorelandOklahoma State94.910 (+2.717)
3 (NR)Ludwig FriedmanEastern Michigan93.410 (NR)
4 (3)Sam DobbinsMichigan 90.222 (+1.918)
5 (NR)McKade AlberToledo88.566 (NR)
6 (2)Derrick PowerOklahoma87.028 (-3.622)
7 (5)Cece RangeAlabama86.431 (+1.545)
8 (6)Mateo WalkerMiami83.725 (+1.923)
9 (7)Topher ForemanBoise State79.823 (-1.297)
10 (NR)Del ToroOhio76.479 (NR)
11 (9)Baker ThomasAuburn76.129 (-3.033)
12 (10)Ryan RavenhillFlorida State75.040 (-3.771)
13 (13)Logan RadloffOhio State74.268 (+2.747)
14 (4)Helix MyersPittsburgh73.268 (-12.586)
15 (NR)Tobias JohnsonKent State71.130 (NR)
16 (8)Tony EllisWest Virginia68.937 (-11.027)
17 (14)Avery WareTexas68.131 (-3.055)
18 (NR)Terry OlliffNorthern Illinois66.314 (NR)
19 (11)Ray FlashGeorgia65.949 (-12.454)
20 (NR)Leisa PinkBowling Green62.209 (NR)
21 (16)Loki GundersonClemson59.876 (-3.168)
22 (15)Dylan ShumateIllinois57.554 (-8.098)
23 (20)Charlie SammonsNotre Dame55.608 (+8.137)
24 (17) Brantley GauciOregon52.072 (-2.954)
25 (19)Shaker MayflowerFlorida51.395 (+1.534)
26 (18)Ayden MartinezNorth Carolina48.514 (-1.631)


There was plenty of movement this week in the rankings, but no one moved more than Kentucky’s Moses King. This is thanks to his unreal performance against Georgia. King put up 738 yards, seven touchdowns, and no interceptions. He also completed 85% of his passes. Combine this with the best rushing performance he has had this season and King went up in all five stat categories JTR uses to score quarterbacks. An 18-point bump is not something we are likely to see again this season. Hats off to the Monarch.

Kentucky QB Moses King took the option read to the outside for a touchdown.

Another reason for the movement is the addition of the MAC QBs. So far the MAC QBs trend pretty well, but that might not be the case as the season wears on. As explained in the first article, this metric is based on the average of all players. MAC QBs have played two fewer games than their Power Two counterparts. Simply put, it is easier to be great in two games than it is to be great in four. The expectation is that as a group they should settle lower as more games are played. However, that doesn’t mean great MAC QBs won’t be seen at the top of the list, like current MAC leader Ludwig Friedman.

Eastern Michigan QB Ludwig Friedman scrambled out of the pocket for the touchdown scamper.

Also worth noting is that some of the negative movement is not necessarily because of poor play. The addition of the MAC players raised the average for everyone. Therefore, if a Power Two QB lost a point or two, it likely was because they performed close to their average and the average for all QBs went up. Again, this is something that will correct itself as the season continues.

Other than Moses King, no one posted a better positive change than Notre Dame’s Charlie Sammons. Sammons had his first 300+ yard performance of his career against Clemson this week. This was also the first game in which he threw for multiple touchdowns. Notre Dame seems to have figured out its offense and Sammons will reap the benefits. Don’t be surprised to see him continue to climb up the rankings for the rest of this season.

Notre Dame QB Charlie Sammons escaped the pocket and fired a pass downfield.

Last week there were only two players that didn’t take negative points in any of the five stat categories (Ryan Moreland and Mateo Walker). That number was grown considerably this week. Moreland and Walker both stay on this list, but they are now joined by Moses King, Ludwig Friedman, and Sam Dobbins.

Good luck to all of the CFSL gunslingers in Week Five!


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