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Joshua Bolton
Current Team
Bowling Green
15, 16

Joshua Bolton is from a small town in Missouri called Eureka. It was one of the few towns in Missouri that didn’t have football at the high school level. He didn’t know what he wanted in life but football. So when he heard from his parents that they didn’t have football at the highschool he was going to he was pissed. His parents finally told him that he would be able to go to the next closest high school in the area that has football. He came into there not knowing anyone there and got bullied the first day there. He hated the football team and the coaches bc even they bullied him at every practice. He told his parents this and they took him out of that high school immediately and put him back into Eureka High School. He went that whole year not being able to play football. The next year him and a couple of his friends came to the principal and tried to convince them to add football into the sports they have at the school. None of them thaught it would work but it did. But from out of nowhere the principal said yes and they brought a whole football program into the school. They where not very good that year and ended up going 1-10 through the whole year. Bolton didn’t care tho and just loved playing football. He went into his Junior year not getting any looks from colleges bc he just sucked. He worked as hard as he could this summer and going into his junior year he was at the best he could have ever been. He braught that team to a 4-8 season. Way better than the last. The team just kept on getting better and better. Going into his senior year the team was looking amazing. They looked like they finally would be able to have a Winning season only in there 3rd year as a program. And they did just that. They ended the season 9-6 and even went to the final of there district. He worked his heart out for this team and would do the same for whatever college will look his way. What colleges do you think will look his way?


16Bowling Green9221140000110


Tackles For Loss

Rank Record Game
1 3 BGSU vs KENT
2 2 KENT vs BGSU
3 2 EMU vs BGSU

Defensive Sacks

Fumble Recoveries

Rank Record Game
1 1 BGSU vs TOL

Yards gained on fumble recoveries

Rank Record Game
1 1 BGSU vs TOL
Bowling Green DE Joshua Bolton getting to Friedman for the sack
Bowling Green DE Joshua Bolton getting to Toro for the tackle

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