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Rashawn White
Current Team
13, 14

Rashawn White, born and raised in Mountain View, Wyoming, was a confident, athletic young man. Rashawn never got to know his biological father nor mother as they had to give him up for adoption. Rashawn never got adopted by any foster parents. Rashawn was raised in an orphanage for his whole life and fell in love with the game of football after his local football team came to the orphanage and taught them how to do certain things.Rashawn started playing actual contact football after the orphanage raised enough money to let a child have one thing they want every year. Rashawn was the only person in that building who said “I want to play football.” Rashawn played his first game at the age of 6. He led the Mountain View Buffalo peewee team to a Championship, something that has never happened in Mountain View history. Rashawn was an athlete. He worked day and night on his craft since the age of 6 with little to no help. His highschool career at a 2A Wyoming school was ecstatic. His freshman year he had over 500 receiving yards, 100 rushing yards and even a passing touchdown. Mountain View ended with their highest win total in school history. But fell short of the State championship for 2A. Rashawns Sophomore year he did even better, he received over 800+ yards and ran for 250+ yards. He was absolutely killing it on the stat sheet. But still no offers. Being from Wyoming you know either two things as an Athlete. One, you go to a smaller school because of location, or two you become a figment of the past. Rashawn was told by his Head Coach, Frankie Long, that a D3 scout was in the stands looking to see him play. Rashawn then broke the Wyoming receiving yard record in a game getting a whooping total of 351 receiving yards, Breaking Brandy Mangus record of 281 yards. The scout applauded Rashawn for breaking the long standing record and offered him a full scholarship. From that point on Rashawn worked harder then ever before to get a better offer. His senior year he broke his own Single game Receiving record and broke the all time high for receiving yards in a Season. And won the State Championship for 2A Wyoming football. He was ruled a 3 star recruit on 247 sports. Waiting to get a chance to play division 1 ball he continues to grind the off season. Where will he go?





Rank Record Game
1 2 ORE vs ND
2 2 BOISE vs ORE
3 1 OKST vs ORE

Receiving Yards

Rank Record Game
1 21 ORE vs IOWA
2 19 FLA vs ORE
3 14 ORE vs ND

Longest Receiving Play

Rank Record Game
1 21 ORE vs IOWA
2 19 FLA vs ORE
3 11 ORE vs MIA



Rank Record Game
1 2 OKST vs ORE
2 1 ORE vs IOWA
3 1 ORE vs ND



Rank Record Game
1 1 ORE vs MICH
2 1 OKST vs ORE
3 1 PIT – OU vs ORE

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